An Adventure game

I created a 2.5D adventure game for my final year project using UE4, Adobe CS6, and Blender.

Design Goals

-Create a polished vertical slice completely independently

-Create a fully structured design document

-Animate the Player and Terry

-Implement all base mechanics, and dialogue

-Implement the first task/set of puzzles

Learning Outcomes

-Work as a single developer creating all aspects of a game project (sound, art, programming, UI etc)

-Include research from GamesFutures module (Research paper on accurate representation of mental health in videogames) to enhance characters and make them more 'real'

Quality Assurance

3D Platformer - 12 week deadline


Design Goals

-Create a polished product with a gameplay trailer

-Include minimal mechanics and keep gameplay

Learning Outcomes

-Collaboration between a team of multiple disciplines in order to create a professional, polished product

Team - The Walking Blenders

-Laura Ward (Team Lead- Sound, 2D, animation and Level Design)

-Carl Collict (AI and Gameplay Mechanics)

-Ryan Stephen (UI/UX and sound design)

-Jamie Walker (Prop and Environment Artist)

-Luca Bivona (Animator)
-Ewan Bellaby (Character art, Auxiliary Animation)

Switch Galaxy Ultra

An Arcade style endless Runner​

As part of extracurricular activities during college, a group of other students and I worked with Atomicom to create levels for their game Switch Galaxy Ultra.

Design Goals

-Create enjoyable levels with replayability using the coding standard provided

Learning Outcomes

-Work to a  strict deadline

-Work individually to a brief

-Adapt to use software and produce industry-standard results

-Learn to test levels as part of the creation process