About Me


I'm a game designer with seven years of experience in the games industry and associated industries.
I worked with Atomicom to create levels for their game Switch Galaxy Ultra back in 2016, but since returned to my studies and focused on Freelance and Independent work.

I focus mostly on designing and building games with an exciting narrative and refined gameplay elements. I do narrative and sound design, as well. I have a fondness for hiding easter eggs and secrets in my projects, adding to the fun and feeling of achievement for the players.

I thrive in environments where I am forced to be creative and collaborate with other hard-working individuals with a passion for making great games, and where I can put my technical background to use to enhance a project.

Outside of work I take part in and run Table Top campaigns and a Battle Re-enactment Society;

*I wear 17th-century clothing and hit people with swords... For educational purposes.)

I also have a twitch channel that I use to stream games I'm playing,

Tabletop campaigns I'm running, and any charity fundraisers I do!

Favourite Video Games;

Jak and Daxter Series

The Sims 4

Slime Rancher


Favourite people/teams in the industry;

-Jussi Simpanen (Lone indie dev and artist)

-Scott Cawthon (indie dev)

-WagTailsGaming (Tranzfuser 2019 team)

-Ollie Walker / Cardboard Sword (Indie studio and great mentor)

Favourite Tabletop Games;

  -V20 Dark Ages (Vampire: The Masquerade) 

  -Dnd (3.5e)