Double11 Virtual Jam 2020

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Lemming + kitchen = not good. Stop this.

Lemmings inspired game. Your kitchen is full of these little creatures that are very unaware they are in danger. You have to save them before they perish! You have to multitask between different sections of the kitchen, where they are putting themselves in danger. Watch the blender, it just won't turn off... and why do they keep jumping in?



"Don't kill anything. Not one thing"


Team Pony Express

Laura Ward

Project Manager, UI & Tech Support

Maria Cerqueira

Game design, UI Art, 3D Models/Animation

Owen Hewitson

3D Models, Music & QA

Ben Canwell
Blueprint Scripting, QA & Level Design

Jonathan Gibbs

3D models, Sound Design,

Vocals (Music/SFX) &QA

Ammi Howard

3D Models, 2D art & Squeaks