Game Jams

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Double 11 Virtual Jam 2020
"Don't kill anything. Not one thing."
Time limit

6 Days


Laura Ward, ​Maria Cerqueira, ​Owen Hewitson,
Ben Canwell, Jonathan Gibbs, Ammi Howard

Unreal Spring Jam 2020
"What Is Hidden In Snow Comes Forth In The Thaw"
Time limit

5 Days


-Laura Ward & Ryan Stephen

Global Game Jam 2020

Design Goals
-Create a polished product with a gameplay trailer
-Include minimal mechanics and keep gameplay

Learning Outcomes

-Collaboration between a team of multiple disciplines in order to create a professional, polished product

Team - 

-Laura Ward (Team Lead- Sound, 2D, animation and Level Design)

-Ryan Stephen (UI/UX and sound design)

Vigor Shift

A 2D Puzzle/Platformer with Horror Elements.

Design Goals

-Incorporate the words "Fear", "Clock" and     "Bookcase" into the theme of the game.

-Include Non-Violent Conflict

-Fun and Challenging, with replayability

Learning Outcomes

-Collaboration between a small team of Indie and Technical Developers

-Advantage of creating a 2D game vs 3D with no artist present

-Learning how to prioritize during the small development cycle

-Learn how to manage a small team and communicate effectively with a client


Laura Ward - Concept, Design, Code, Sound, Art, Animation, Gameplay Programmer

Callum Thompson - Art and Concept

Ryan Stephen - Design, Concept, UI, Level Developer, Gameplay Programmer, Moral Support

Alexis Pic - Gameplay Programmer

Reef Weston - UI, Gameplay Programmer


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

College Project | Total Lockdown

I was tasked with a project to create a 2D rogue-like game for PC and Mobile called Total Lockdown as part of the Development group Intrinsic Designs.

This was my first game project, created in the Construct 2 Engine. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Project | #Reference

Myself and two other students made a small RPG game using the RPGMaker engine as a project during college that we then continued to develop further. While the game never made it to market, the experience of working as part of a team and taking on different roles for the project. This took around 3 Weeks in total.