Global Game Jam 2020


We created TimeSlime in under 48 hours as part of the Global Game Jam 2020.

Our original idea was to create a project that combined Slime Rancher and Pikmin. The player would inherit a decrepit ranch, and have to collect slimes in order to repair it.

Originally, the player would do this by collecting the slimes, putting them into the special corral and feeding them the different materials in order for the slimes to release 'time energy', which would then be used to restore the different aspects of the ranch to working order.

However, since we only had the 48 hrs, we instead decided to have a corral for each material, which automatically generated the material depending on how many slimes were in the corral.

We succeeded in creating the basic game with the mechanics implemented but didn't have time for polish.

As we chose to use the language-independence diversifier, we weren't too sure how to approach the tutorial (other than animated diagrams, and we didn't have enough time for that), so the project is lacking in tutorial and direction. If we continued the project, we'd research into different ways to guide the player without the use of written word or handholding, and would implement our findings to the best of our abilities.

All in all, this was a really fun project and my first proper game jam! I'm looking forward to future jams :)




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Team Indie-cisive

Laura Ward

(Sound, 2D Art, 3D Art, UI/UX)

Ryan Stephen

(Level design, Gameplay Design, 3D Art, UI)

Jack Porthouse

(Level design, Gameplay Design, 3D Art)

Gabriel Miers

(Level Design, Gameplay Design, 3D Art, UI)

Conor Sutton

(House Asset)


The Team