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Tiinesmann Week 1-2

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The first 2 weeks of this project consisted of coming up with a project idea, getting it approved by my supervisor and writting the proposal/pre-production document for the project.

The basic gist of the game (currently named Tiinesmann) is as follows;

A 2D point and click adventure game. A young family moves into an old house after inheriting it from a distant relative. The child of this family decides to go explore, and finds an odd character in the attic.

Solve puzzles and complete tasks, and he may reward you by teaching you some of his Magic. But in doing so, you may find out why the house was empty in the first place...

At the moment I have a blockout of the UI and title screen widgets.

My next point of call is to prototype an inventory and pickup system. Once that's done, I'll be working on the dialogue and choice system.

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