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Tiinesmann- Almost there!

The project has been updated to UE 4.25 due to blueprints randomly dying and having to be rebuilt on occasion.

BUT; Since the update, this issue seems to have stopped.

The task log has now been moved to the journal and displays correctly (below)

I remade the dialogue blueprint so that the player is no longer able to move while there is a dialogue on the screen. I did this by having the BP toggle a boolean within the character. When the "can move?" bool is off, the character cannot use the movement input.

I added a small animated BP for tooltips and player hints, as well as a pickup system for keys and such.

The current breakdown of the game story is;

Parents break up, causing Tom and his mom to move into new house > Tom misses his friends, and Terry reaches out to him through the walls to free him > Tom frees Terry > Terry informs him that the previous owner had sealed him away in the attic years before and promises to reward the boy for freeing him > Terry proceeds to take Tom on as his apprentice, giving him nightly lessons in the art of magik > Toms progression attracts the attention of some unsavoury individuals

In terms of the games feel, I've been aiming for a Lemony Snicket / Spiderwick kind of vibe. I think the art style and music fit the vibe I'm going for well, but I haven't put much time into the actual character dialogue yet. I'm currently researching different types of speech patterns, and had the idea of Terry (our friend in the attic) speaking in rhythm and as though every line of dialogue could be a form of a riddle. During my research, I came across the term "Clanging".

According to Wikipedia (Hyperlinks included);

In psychology and psychiatry, clanging refers to a mode of speech characterized by association of words based upon sound rather than concepts. For example, this may include compulsive rhyming or alliteration without apparent logical connection between words. This is associated with the irregular thinking apparent in psychoticmental illnesses (e.g. mania and schizophrenia).

Considering Terry is supposed to be a vampire who has been locked in the attic for a long time, it'd make sense that he would develop at least a minimal level of mania. Adding on the age of the creature (estimated to be hundreds of years old) and the development of such a speech quirk would fit the character perfectly.


-The character can not move during dialogue

-Dialogue triggers are destroyed once triggered

-Source control has been set up


The Room picking widget plays twice before destroying.

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