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Tiinesmann Week 4 -Art style and mechanics

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

This week I started working on the character design and artstyle.

I wanted the characters movement to mimic that of a marionette, or an old timey shadow puppet, so I created a mind map on the different styles I'm looking at.

*BUG* I found a bug in the game project that prevented the player from interacting with more than one blueprint in each playtest (meaning you could either interact with a door, or an NPC etc). *BUG*

To tackle this I added a new InputAction for interaction and linked it up through the player character so that each blueprint doesn't have to detect an overlap individually.

Below is a short clip of my progress so far (Wednesday);

*BUG* After implementing the staircases, I found that the other blueprints stopped working *again*.

This turned out to be a bug with the engine and I had to remove and readd the BPI_Interact to every blueprint and readd the Interact Module. This worked, but now my door blueprint (a simple animation of a door opening and shutting on a key press) crashes the project with the following error.

The issue was that some code had appeared at the end of the blueprint string trying to open a new level. My only assumption is that someone else had meddled with the project as it was on the desktop, and I hadn't added this code.

When adding in the Hotbars, I had the following issues.

After this, the project refused to open at all due to corruption, and as I had forgotten to back it up, I had to rebuild the project from scratch. *BUG*

Recreating the project

I spent a few hours recreating the project, making all the models and mechanics (dialogue, doors, staircases) that I had originally.

Stair Blueprints (Currently using the door model, with arrows to indicate which is which)

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