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Tiinesmann Week 5

This week I began working on the 2D Tilesets for the game.

I used the software Aseprite to create repeating tilesets. I've never used this software before now, but it is a dream to work with. Having only ever created assets using Photoshop before, the speed that I could create tilesets with using this program blew me away.

The first tileset I created for the walls looked really cool, as long as the player was standing still... I found that even with the character moving slowly, the repeating pattern made it really difficult for the players eyes to focus, and chose to make another tileset that would be easier to see while moving.

^^ Tileset V1 ^^

^^Tileset V2 - Less painful that V1, but not quite there ^^^

^^Tileset V3 - Much better than the previous two ^^

I began work on the intro of the game, making a flipbook of pages showing the story from the kids point of view, as though drawn by a child. After this I started working on a page flipping animation (below).

This animation will serve as the basis for the transition between each page, giving then illusion of flipping through a book. (below)

On top of this, I added a task list to the UI that can be set and updated through blueprints. I did this using 2 different trigger blueprints (the first set to trigger after the first dialogue, and the second set to trigger once the player completes the task).

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