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Tiinesmann Week 7

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I've began work on the characters and implemented my current design for Thomas into the build. I took inspiration for the character style from Studio Ghibli animation, and thought it would look cool if the character looked like he'd been coloured in with felt tip pen. To be honest, this turned out a lot better than I expected it to.

Terrys Character was designed to be super tall (he's about 6ft 7 including his hair). I wanted him to look like he was towering over other characters, super thin and kind of marionette-esque, if that makes sense?

Here is a pic of Terry standing next to Thomas. I haven't completed Terrys 'idle' animation yet, so there's no gif to upload yet, but this is my initial draft of how the character will look. I'm thinking of making his arms longer and his suit more fitted so his shape looks a little less natural and emphesises the marionette style I want to go with. I really want his character to look a little un-nerving for the player.

After all, he's a weirdo magic man living in your attic.

I'll be working on his animation and adding sounds to the game next week.

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