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Tiinesmann Week 8

Updated: Apr 1, 2020


I'm currently implementing sounds into the game. I've already come across an odd sound bug with the footsteps (see clip below)

*BUG- Fixed* For some reason the footsteps aren't playing the sounds from the cue, and are instead swapping between two (for want of a better word) fart sounds. It turns out the reason for this was that the engine had decided to play 10 instances per second, for some reason. To fix this I set the sounds to happen on a timer (every 0.4 seconds [every 3rd frame]) so that it played one of the sounds every time the characters foot hit the floor. *BUG- Fixed*



I added text prompts to aid navigation through the house. I thought it would be a good idea to have the first interaction show up with a '?', since this is the first time Thomas has been in the house, and he wouldn't know what the rooms are.

*BUG* I am unable to change font inside blueprints, as for some reason all fonts in the engine make the text disappear completely. I'll fix this bug later, but for now it is functional with the default font. *BUG*


I made a new tilesheet for the kitchen and livingroom using Aseprite. I made a quick board to come up with the design, but thought that they were a little too plain for the games art style and added a little decoration.

Livingroom/Kitchen Tilesheet

This was implemented into the current build of the game and tinted (Green and blue) for each room.


The game now has sound for it's main menu, intro and sound for the house 'level' and attic 'level' (see clip below)!! I also changed the logo and fonts in the game from the original versions.

*BUG-Fixed* As seen in the video above, sometimes the character spawns in the floor when going through a door. This is caused by the character spawn being set using the door trigger box, and moving the triggerbox up fixed the issue. *BUG-Fixed*

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