Unreal Spring Jam 2020


"What Is Hidden In Snow Comes Forth In The Thaw"

Team Panda Boat

Laura Ward

(Level Design, Gameplay Design, Sound,

2D Art, 3D Art, UI/UX, Level Design)

Ryan Stephen

(Level design, Gameplay Design, 3D Art, UI/UX)

sprint jam logo.png

Ryan and I created Remnant in under 5 days.


We set ourselves the challenge of rapidly prototyping a project that we could continue once the jam had finished.

Other than some sounds that were taken from the Humble Music and Sound Effects for Games, Films, and Content Creators Bundle, everything in this game was created during the jam, by Ryan or myself.

This jam was a lot of fun. We were lucky enough to not run into any major bumps in the production and even had time to add some extras to the project, like the remnant log.

We're planning on continuing the project on during our Masters and hope to release a full version of the game as our first title under our team name PandaBoat